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Monday good morning wish with best Monday images

I literally think that the blessings are with that person whose mind invented the beautiful trick of the calendar because the good of Monday, the first of the week, and each and every new day gives us the impression that life does not continue, but only resumes. So we are here with Monday good morning Wishes & Motivational Monday Quotes.

Monday is more difficult because it is always the attempt of the new life start. Let’s make every Sunday night a modest New Year’s Eve, for if midnight Sunday is not New Year’s start, it’s a new start to the week, which means making plans and making dreams. To start a new day we are here with Monday good morning Wishes and Motivational Monday Quotes.

Monday good morning Wishes

monday quotes

She is lazy like every Monday morning.

May our new week be full of serene and light,
full of good feelings and thoughts and here we start

Monday good morning Wishes

Monday is an intriguing day.
We have the feeling that
you are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I must possess a good amount of intelligence;
Sometimes it even takes a week to get it moving.

Some literally complain that
tomorrow is a new day that is  Monday,
others are grateful for another day of life.

Inspirational Monday Quotes

Why, on Monday,
do they not reveal the lack of the weekend
and say they’re tough.

Monday Quotes to Inspire your Life

Every Monday.
go through and there will always be a new day
that is Tuesday
Tuesday with a beautiful blue sky with few clouds.

Motivational Monday Quotes

Motivational Monday Quotes

On Monday, I return bravely and masochistically,
as it always turns to a case of desperate and hopeless love,
full of fantasies that tomorrow or later,
who knows, maybe repaired.
This, bitterly, I do not know if it will.

Easter Monday Wishes

The things with which we are blessed,
I am that of Sunday: Monday is coming,
but I enjoy it until midnight,
if you understand me.

Things that I literally  fear the most on Monday:
Bank statement.

refresh quotes

I hate the pre-Monday feel!

There’s A Fact: World diet diary day is Monday.
However, the worldwide end of the diet is Tuesday.

best monday quotes

If Monday is bad for those who have jobs,
health, and money in their pocket.
imagine who does not have any of that.

I love Monday! I love Monday! Training my emotions.
They say that a repeated lie several times
becomes true. I’m taking the test!

Good Morning Monday Blessings

Good Morning Monday Blessings

I really do not like Monday
nor when I’m on a weekend vacation,
it’s a long day down.

best inspiring monday quotes

I think Saturday is the rose
and also every flower of the week.

I wanted to not control my heart.
I think: if I could deliver it for
at least one weekend this rain falling on my face would have another flavor.
If loving was easy I would be embracing with it,
and the lyrics would tell a story that is our story.

best inspirational quotes

Tomorrow I will be softer
And fourth will be my day
The weekend promises
Sunday will have to give sunshine
Second I will happen
I cannot lose your show
Pro month I will visit you
It is now that I leave once
That good that I’ll meet you
tomorrow, I’ll be happier.

Monday Morning Quotes with Images

Monday Morning Quotes with Images

I will  see and read a good novel,
it’s literally  decided, at least the novel says
it’s the last week!
The man disappears at the top of the first.

In the last month, I feel I have lived a decade and,
next week, I want to live at least half a century!
I want everything to be intense, exaggerated, crazy,
because only this way I’m satisfied

Sunday, is the bad and the saddest of all the days of the week.

Monday good morning Wishes

I lost that youthful need to fall in love every week.

And I’m going to hate you,
above all, because in a week,
when you fall in love with my unbearable ways,
I’ll believe you’ll never get sick of them.

I am impatient to announce all my acts a week before.

He’s a really a person who has no idea
how you’d like to be with him any weekend.

Monday Quotes

Lord, bless our week.
We will someday understand that joy is not literally a sin,
sacrifice can not be a virtue.

Even if we do not stay together forever.
Even if it ends next week.
Never destroy my love for you.

End of week!
There’s nothing to look forward to on a Saturday
and a Monday in the heart.

I thought about running after her …
but today it’s Monday,
I’m too lazy to even eat.

I like Fridays,
it gives a certain relief to hear that it’s Friday.
I think because we know that the week is over
and we can sleep the whole weekend,
anyway. Today is Monday.

Inspirational Monday Quotes

May this new coming week with Monday
as the first day be filled with
a lot of peace, love, accomplishments, perseverance, and, above all, faith.

Faith in that superpower which we use to say, God,
should faith in better days,
faith that your dreams and goals will come true.

Monday, half of me is sleep,
the other half slept yesterday
and still did not wake up.

I will not fear Monday,
because it is in her that my hopes for a better future are renewed.

Monday Quotes

Guys, are you sure today and Monday???

Do not regret the beautiful Monday as a busy day,
regret your inability to be happy working

You can talk about Monday,
but it makes us forget our weaknesses.

Monday good morning Wishes

But I do not want the day to go fast unless it arrives on Friday.
Living now is much better than waiting for tomorrow.
May everything not pass quickly through life, may the days be long and restless.
So, make every day as good as a Monday.

What do I need?
From light Mondays, prolonged Fridays,
to a happy one today.
But, above all I need love, which makes the days longer, intense and precious.
Days, happy.

Monday Quotes

The problem is not Monday but yes,
where are you!!!
I’m working and happy!!!
Happy Monday!!!

When they say that Monday is a bitch,
they’re wrong, it’s the drunken hangover.

Monday, the day of starting again in the stop,
in the day today
struggle, to try again, to

bring all the energy
to reach our dreams, to
realize our Life !!!

May come charm, may joy come!!!

Hum, Monday:
Day to break with the diet!
I’ve never been much to follow conventions …

Monday Quotes to Inspire your Life

If Monday,
you see me inside a Mercedes walking the streets of Macao.
Do not be jealous …
I’ll be without a car and I’ll ride a bus.

Wake up Max is easy is to spend the day
with psychopathic thoughts about
who meet on a Monday morning

There are days that I wake up at six in the morning
and I want to open a bottle of cachaça instead of the coffee or with the coffee,
not the hangover anymore
so I do not have to stay sober even in the middle of Monday

At the total end of a day of struggle
you can feel God,
family and love!
Thank God!

Monday, is the day that allows us to believe that there is still time.
The day that pulls us by the arm and says:
Come on, start something new today!

Monday Quotes

Happy Monday …
that it be calm and
beautiful as the sunrise in the mountains!

Today is Monday and the butterflies
that are now flying do not even know it,
but today is Monday for us, for them that is indifferent.

Monday came, it’s beautiful, showered, with cream on her body,
brushed hair, perfumed, well-dressed, and with a beautiful smile on her face.

Listen Monday,
you’re still the very second best of them all.

Easter Monday Wishes

Once again, my friend Monday arrived.
good morning my friend!

Every second carries an air of play funky
Each second seems a review
Every second has a taste of a new chance
Each second, with or without your endorsement
is going to dawn So, what will it be?
A dose of ‘always’ or a jump in the dark

– Monday Quotes

It’s Monday … It will start all over again!
Put on your best smile, give everything in God’s hands and go quiet because everything will be all right.
God knows what we need
and when He is in charge
that there is no mistake done by him too!

Monday good morning Wishes

Happy Easter!
Good morning, Holy Monday,
may our day be quiet and productive,
may our week be of much peace,
celebrating the Love of Christ!

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