Mr. Gatwa, a star of the Netflix series "Sex Education," will be the main Black man to play the lead character in the enduring BBC science fiction franchise.

Ncuti Gatwa, a star of the Netflix series "Sex Education," will be the fourteenth entertainer to play the lead job of the Doctor in 'Doctor Who'.

He replaces Jodie Whittaker, who reported her takeoff on last July.

Mr. Gatwa, 29, a Rwandan-Scottish entertainer, plays Eric Effiong, a gay man exploring his sexuality and character in a strict Nigerian family, in "Sex Education".

"It feels truly astounding, it's a genuine honor," Mr. Gatwa told the BBC on Sunday.

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"Doctor Who" fans praised the news on Twitter on Sunday, with many communicating their fervor.

In Netflix's thoughtful series Sex Education, Gatwa plays the dynamic Eric Effiong, a gay secondary school understudy.

All things considered, Gatwa's Eric stands apart from the group cast with a completely acknowledged character and inward life.

The entertainer has two times been assigned for Best Male Comedy Performance at the British Film and Television Awards.

In 2020, a Black individual played a variety of the Doctor job interestingly when Jo Martin was given a role as the Fugitive Doctor.

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