Whole Foods has experienced plenitude of changes since being acquired by Amazon in 2017. Important of the talk has been around expansion.

As lately as last May, Amazon said they planned to open over 40 new stores.

Still, there have been closures as well, including shutting down the entire lower- cost Whole Foods 365 store brand.

Now, Whole Foods is lacing the herd formerly again. The company has verified they're shutting down six of their requests across the country.

The company points out the closures represent just a small chance of their over 530 total locales.

The requests that are closing are in Montgomery and Mobile, Alabama; Tarzana, California; Brookline, Massachusetts.

The Englewood and DePaul neighborhoods in Chicago, Illinois. Utmost of these locales will shut nearly incontinently — in May 6 — while the Englewood position will close in the coming months.

Importantly, a Whole Foods Market prophet stressed that these closures have nothing to do with the grocery chain's overall growth strategy.

Whole Foods still has over 50 new stores in the channel and is constantly on the lookout for implicit new spots.

The stores that are closing are in Montgomery and Mobile, Ala.; Tarzana, Calif.; Brookline, Mass.; and two locations in Chicago, according to Whole Foods. 

Five of the stores are scheduled to nearby Friday, while one of the Chicago areas is supposed to shut before long.

But as for why the forenamed locales were getting the dismissal, they supposedly were not over to snuff.

Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson