Will Smith has been dealing with a significant quantum of career fallout after his now ignominious poke to Chris Rock on the Oscars stage.

While some of what’s happed in the career of Smith looks to be simply the normal oscillations of development hell.

Smith had a brace of Netflix systems in the hopper that aren't presently moving forward, but he'll be appearing on the streaming service soon, as a guest of David Letterman.

The coming season of David Letterman’s interview show, My Coming Guest Needs No Preface With David Letterman is set to drop on Netflix on May 20.

Still, you ’ll be out of luck, as the interview was taped previous to this time’s Oscars, if you were planning on tuning in to hear Smith talk in depth about his Academy Awards experience.

This may be the one place to find Will Smith on Netflix for a while. The actor had a brace of movie systems in development with the banderole, but they ’re not presently moving forward.

One movie, Fast & Loose, has reportedly been given lower precedence by Netflix at the moment.

The decision to put the movie on hold appears to be related to the poke situation.

It’s possible the movie could still be made down the road, it’s ultimate fate is far from clear.

A alternate Netflix movie, Bright 2, has a fate that’s significantly more transparent. The movie is dead.

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